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Terra Orb Solution’s processes ensure excellence. Terra Orb combines it’s sophisticated, well proven practices to ensure that customers remain the central focus during product development.

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Your project our priority

The Terra Orb Team meets with each client individually, creating a trusted environment for both the client and our developers.

initial Client Meeting

Our team will meet with you individually to understand each details of your project.

Assigning Developers

Once we understand all the details of your project, we begin drafting a specific time table for the development team.

Continuous Client Updates

Clients are entitled to receive continuous updates on their projects. We don’t run away with your project!


What and Who Is
Terra Orb Solutions?


What our clients are saying

Terra Orb Solutions provided a customized solution when my HR project was going haywire. I remember thinking to myself and wondering if there could be a customized product and sure enough Terra Orb came through and built it, The Terra Team provided incredible service from start to finish.

Jennifer Duenas