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Productivity, efficiency, and all around performance is woven throughout Terra Orb’s available business solutions. Terra Orb is here to help meet today’s demands, keeping you ahead of the game.

All In One - Cloud Human Resources

Ark Human Resources provides businesses with an affordable all in one solution to meet today's HR demands. Created to empower
small business owners, ARK provides: Benefits Tracking, Personnel Management, Project Management, Learning Management for
Training, Live Chat, Time Entry and Tracking and, HR consulting via live chat during normal operating hours.

Simple. Secure. Structured Communication.

AXIX signifies secure interdepartmental communication. This robust web-mobile application allows office environments 
the ability to stay interconnected with real time information sharing in a professional yet minimalist environment.

Keep Your Staff Informed

With two versions under the same roof, The Watch iOS/Android app allows both first responders and corporate entities to keep their
staff informed at all times. The Watch provides management the ability to streamline announcement, polices, surveys, forms, and
other essential information through an eye catching, highly intuitive, mobile platform.

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Terra Orb Solutions are affordable, intuitive, and will increase your team’s productivity — guaranteed.